Bernie’s Book Bank is unique in its ability to collect, process and distribute quality, gently used books to targeted populations of at-risk children with a sense of urgency and professionalism. The books you collect and donate to Bernie’s Book Bank become part of a long-term, sustainable effort aimed at providing children with quality, advancing levels of books.

We don’t give children one book or two books. We give them entire libraries- 12 books at a time.

Why should you collect books for Bernie’s Book Bank?

  • Books collected are processed and ready for redistribution within five days.
  • Books are not distributed singly, but in a collection with other age-appropriate books according to a child’s reading level. So every one book donated becomes six books upon distribution.
  • Books are delivered directly into the hands of at-risk children to take home and enjoy forever.
  • The collection, processing and distribution of gently used, outgrown and new children’s books to those in need is our only focus!

Want to get involved?

People of all ages from many organizations collect books for Bernie’s Book Bank. Why? Because we make it easy and fun, and will supply you with all the materials you need. Here are some ways you can get involved.

  • Sponsor a book collection at your office.
  • Start collecting books as a family!
  • Collect books as part of a Scouts, Mitzvah, Confirmation, or National Honor Society project.
  • Encourage your school to become a Book Collection Partner with Bernie’s Book Bank! 

The Wilkov Family from Deerfield collected 25,000 books for Bernie’s Book Bank in one summer ! Their current goal? 1 MILLION books!

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